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The following steps describe how you


  1. Go to My Apps
  2. Create application
  3. Choose platform
  4. "Fill in application details
  5. Finishing up
You can create your new application by following the mentioned steps.

1. Go to My Apps

Go to and go to My Apps. On this page you can see all your applications and their status.


2. Create a new application

Press the 'create application' button to create a new application


3. Choose your platform

Select the platform your webshop is developed on. When the platform your webshop uses is not present below, you can choose to use the API to build a custom connection between Webshoplogin and your webshop. For more information regarding the use of the API you can visit: or contact us at


4. Fill in application details

Fill out the details of your application. The fields differ per platform. When you are finished, press the 'Create application' button to create your application.


5. Finishing up

Congratulations, you have successfully created your application. You are now ready to use WebshopLogin!